Participate in a Study

We presently are conducting research with the following groups:

1) Mid-age and older Arizona military veterans who have one or more chronic health conditions; their care partners (e.g., spouse, family member, friend); and healthcare/social service providers for veterans. Focus group study. Please see:

2) Spouses of active duty military (any branch; any U.S. location). Click here to access the online survey or read the full description.

3) Individuals with functional (psychogenic nonepileptic) seizures and, where applicable, their relationship partners. Online survey. In-person component for those in the Phoenix area.

We look forward to hearing from you: 602-543-4524

Participate in Brain Boosters

Brain Boosters is an 8-week class administered through the Phoenix VA for U.S. Military Veterans receiving VA services. Neuropsychologist Dr. Mary Lu Bushnell conducts the groups. Brain Boosters provides education on ways to keep the brain healthy over the lifespan. Our ASU Emotion Lab assists with assessments of the Brain Boosters program to explore which aspects of the program are most effective in boosting brain health. Please refer to the flyer for more information and to sign up if you are a VA service Veteran: BrainBoosters_Flyer_Mar2024 .

Participate as a Student/Trainee

The Emotion, Culture, and Psychophysiology Laboratory is a research and teaching laboratory. We work with undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate student volunteers, and graduate students. Dr. Roberts is a faculty research mentor for students in ASU’s Master of Science in Psychology program (West Valley Campus). She is a member of the graduate faculty for ASU’s Psychology doctoral program and Counseling Psychology doctoral program; however, please note that she does not directly admit doctoral students.

Participate as a research assistant in the lab for independent study credit or on a volunteer basis. Tasks may include:

The Emotion Lab is a training laboratory in which tasks are tailored to your skill level. We commit to helping you achieve your academic and career goals, and aim to cultivate a positive lab environment. Students from our laboratory have been admitted to master’s and doctoral programs in psychology and related fields, as well as law school and medical school. Lab alumni also have been hired by public agencies (schools, mental health organizations), non-profits, and companies in the private sector.

When considering a research assistant position, please keep in mind that research entails patience, commitment, and hard work. We expect that you will fulfill your research commitments. This includes time-based (the number of hours agreed upon) and task-based (the specific task/project you are working on) commitments. The more you put in, the more you get out. If you’re not sure if research is for you but are motivated and eager to explore your options, come give it a try! Individuals with a background or interest in psychophysiological research methods and strong interpersonal/clinical skills are especially encouraged to apply.

To apply for a research assistant position in our lab, please complete the research assistant application. Upon completion, we ask that you email a copy of your current resume to If we are not taking students the semester/year you apply, we will keep your information on file for future semesters.