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The Emotion, Culture, and Psychophysiology Laboratory is a research and teaching laboratory. We work with undergraduate students, post-baccalaureate students, and graduate students. Our graduate students come primarily from ASU’s MS Psychology program. Participate as a research assistant in the lab for independent study credit or on a volunteer basis. Tasks may include:
  • Psychophysiological data collection and scoring
  • Coding emotional behavior
  • Questionnaire data entry and analysis
  • Conducting literature searches
  • Recruiting and scheduling research participants
  • Preparation of research study materials
  • Running research participant sessions
  • General lab organization and management
  • Participation in weekly research meetings
The Emotion Lab is a training laboratory in which tasks are tailored to your skill level. We commit to helping you achieve your academic and career goals, and aim to cultivate a positive lab environment. Students from our laboratory have been admitted to master’s and doctoral programs in psychology and related fields. Lab alumni have also been hired by public agencies (schools, mental health organizations) and companies in the private sector. When considering a research assistant position, please keep in mind that research entails patience, commitment, and hard work. We expect that you will fulfill your research commitments. This includes time-based (the number of hours agreed upon) and task-based (the specific task/project you are working on) commitments. The more you put in, the more you get out. If you’re not sure if research is for you but are motivated and eager to explore your options, come give it a try! Individuals with a background or interest in psychophysiological research methods and strong interpersonal/clinical skills are especially encouraged to apply.

Between Undergraduate and Beyond?

Recent graduates also volunteer in our lab to gain additional research experience before pursuing graduate school, medical school, or other career paths. Although paid positions are rarely available, volunteers are always welcome.

Join Us as a Graduate Student

Professor Roberts is a faculty research mentor for students in ASU’s Master of Science in Psychology program (West Campus). She is also an affiliated member of the graduate faculty for ASU’s Psychology doctoral program (Tempe Campus) and Counseling Psychology doctoral program (Tempe Campus). Please note that she does not accept students as primary advisees for these latter two programs.

How do I apply?

All research assistant positions are currently filled. However, we invite you to apply. If we feel you may be a good candidate for our research team and openings are available in the coming semester/summer, we will contact you for an interview To apply for a research assistant position in our lab, please complete the research assistant application. Upon completion, we ask that you email a copy of your current resume to .